Know These Pros And Cons Of Using Face Sunscreens

Read some interesting pros and cons of sunscreen before using it.


Very Healthy & Safe For Your Skin

Physicians and dermatologists strongly advocate the routine use of sunscreen to avoid a number of health problems, including skin cancers and melanoma. Skin cancer is the most common type of ultraviolet-light cancer in the United States. They will damage your skin with as little as 15 minutes of exposure. Using sunscreen will help to reduce skin cancer risk.

Beautiful Radiant Skin

Sun exposure brings with it most wrinkles and sunspots. Including sunscreen in your routine preparation rituals will help protect your skin against premature aging! Using a water-resistant sunscreen SPF 30 or higher that blocks both UVA and UVB rays.

Harmful UV Rays Protection

Sun protective clothing and sunscreen combined are the most effective way to preserve healthy skin and avoid skin cancer. UPF or sun protection garments use unique blends of fabrics that naturally block UV radiation. If for some reason you have a sunburn, you should take care of it with the right medications like melalite cream for pigmentation and Adapalene cream.

Hydrates & Moisturizes Your Skin

man putting sunscreen

It’s a myth that sunscreens should be worn only in summers or when your skin feels like it needs some moisture. The reality is your skin needs moisture and hydration till the day you die. It’s just that we don’t realize it and care about wearing it only in winters. But the truth is you need the best sunscreen with moisturizers for face every day be it go out in the sun or no. It helps in boosting new skin cells as well as hydrating the prevailing ones. It ensures the well-being of your skin and keeps it healthy throughout the year.


Feels Oily And Messy At Times

Many sunscreens are potentially greasy and messy. Sunscreen spray? Splendid performance. Rub on request? Your whole face is glowing like a mirror. It smells weird too, stings when it gets into your eyes.

Invites Acne Or Clogged Pores

Acne. Usually, these afflictions affect an older crowd but clogged pores can still occur! Many times people aren’t aware of their skin type and they tend to wear sunscreen that doesn’t suit their skin which ultimately results in clogged pores and infections making your skin look even worse. However, before getting one, make sure you know your skin type very well.

Demands Some Time & Patience

You have to wait after the application until you can jump into the shower! Yes, pampering your skin demands your time but you need to suffer a little to gain a little and that’s a fact.

Potentially Harmful

There is some controversy about some chemicals used in sunscreens between experts. Ask your doctor which sunscreen you and your child are approved for and should be using.

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