6 Mind-Blowing Hacks To Beat Acne & Pimples In Summers

Acne is one common problem. If you have acne-prone skin, or regularly struggle with those nasty pimples, we know you appear to be concerned even though you see a little red spot on your forehead. If you’re someone who likes pimple-free skin, this article needs to be read. Breakouts are poor in the summer season and can worsen. We do have some tips, however, which will give you the best results if you obey. Sure, you’ll have radiant skin if you take a few precautions. Here’s our guide on how this summer season will beat the blemishes.

Avoid Sugary Drinks & Fried Food

In the summer the scorching heat makes us reach for the sugar beverages. Staying hydrated in summers is very necessary but you should not try to quench your thirst by drinking high-sugar drinks or alcoholic beverages. Sugary drinks and snacks that are unhealthy will raise the risk of breakouts. Foods with a high glycaemic index that spike blood sugar levels which may increase insulin requirements in the blood. Greater insulin production will also increase the production of sebum, which can then clog the pores. Sugar drinks, carbonated drinks, alcoholic beverages, and fried foods should be avoided.

Choose A Correct Sunscreen

girl putting sunscreen

People prefer to slather sunscreen on their skin during the humid summer months, which is very Acne cream for body fine. But sunscreen is typically too oily and adding layer after layer of oily sunscreen to your face can prevent breathing on your skin. You’ll have pores clogged up as a result. So be smart, and look for best face sunscreens for acne based on minerals that have titanium oxide or zinc oxide.

Do Not Opt Anything & Everything For Acne

If you’re trying to get rid of acne on your face with products containing salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide then don’t. Chemical products can not fit every form of skin. So, even if you want to try chemical products on your face, do a little patch test to see if it helps to cure pimples during the summer.

Moisturize Your Skin Daily

While it sounds counter-intuitive to moisturize your skin when spraying oil, moisture and hydration are important even for oily skin. Skin loses its fragile consistency as it is devoid of humidity. Continue to use a hyaluronic acid moisturizer that is soft and non-oily.

Exfoliate Gently & Regularly

To avoid the pimples from arising, frequently exfoliate the skin. It will catalyse the healing of skin lesions by removing toxins and impurities found in your pores. Preferably use a glycolic acid-containing exfoliating cleanser

Tone Down To Toners

Use an astringent-based toner after cleansing. This will help to reduce the pores that are swollen. Utilize cotton pads to dab onto natural astringents like cucumber juice or rosewater on face

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