Must Acne & Pimple Home Remedies Everyone Should Try

The skincare domain is rife with do and don’ts. Many of the ideas you’re likely to find have been scrutinized by industry experts, and some, well, have not. There’s no time to fall for skin-care myths or misinformation when your skin is at stake — especially when you’re looking for ways to help combat a particular concern like acne.

Acne or pimples are common but leave marks behind, making the skin appear sluggish and dull. To prevent acne, it is important to scrub, exfoliate, and moisturize the skin and keep the pores scrub and clear from make-up, dirt, and oils. Although some are searching for professional help to cure acne, home remedies will function well in certain situations, too. Below are several ways of avoiding and reducing acne in your house.

However, don’t let acne daunt your self-confidence. Try some professional acne melalite forte cream products for adults and quintessential home remedies to get rid of acne super-fast

Squeeze The Lemon

Cut a lemon and rub it over your skin. Diluted lemon juice (with water) can also be used for washing and exfoliating the skin. The acidity in the lemon makes the skin dry out and repair the wounds.

Tea Tree Oil

glass bottle

Load your daily cleanser with a drop of tea tree oil. It would help in stopping acne breakouts. Tea tree oil also works fine to get rid of blackheads and whiteheads.


Cinnamon is known for its antibacterial characteristics. Mix three honey spoons with one cinnamon spoon and make a face mask. Apply for at least 10 minutes on the nose, then wash it off afterward

Green Tea

Green tea probably has anti-inflammatory properties. Attach two spoonfuls of green tea leaves to a cup of water and let them steep for 10 minutes. Dip a pad of cotton into the tea and apply it directly to the head. Let it remain on the skin for 10 minutes.

Apple Cider-Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has antibiotic properties that can destroy acne-causing bacteria. Mix the apple cider vinegar in one part with the distilled water in two parts. This lotion can be used as a toner on the skin which is prone to acne.


Honey is a natural antiseptic and has the potential to help heal acne scars. Dab a small amount of honey over the affected area and leave to rinse off for 30 minutes.

Ice Cubicles

Ice cubes may be used to soothe the inflammation and reduce redness. Everything you need to do is rub an ice cube over the region affected.

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