Reasons Why Pencil Micro Art Carved Gifts Are Unique?

Turning your imagination to Carving

Pencil micro art is all about ingenious carving a tiny, fragile pencil tip with hands. This could not be possible without putting the heart and soul onto a pencil. The carving needs to be done with extreme attention, dedication, and endurance. Its HAND CARVED art which adopts skills of using special knives and needles processed under a vital source of light that removes small particles of lead during the process.

Why is this pencil micro art so popular?

Various characteristics that make micro pencil art so popular for gift items.

  1. Size: Believing the talent of the artist undergoing pencil micro art, the sheer size of the carving itself is exclusive. The ability to make such artistry within the space size of the human fingernail is magnificent. It is an incredible skill that requires a lot of patience.
  2. Novelty: Pencil lead carvings are a unique way of creating memories to transfer commonplace into a marvelous thing. Many of us casually pick a block of the wood from a store and sit down to create artistry.
  3. Talent: There are various names of the artist that invented and turned pencil lead into “that’s carved from the tip of the pencil?!” Learning that process and turning it into reality is the unique nature of this carving art.

pencil art on paper

The most significant gift you can give each other is the memories that last long. Pencil art can be in two types.

  1. The couple ways

This could be the gift for bringing the names of the couple together for their wedding, anniversary gift, valentine’s day.

  1. Any day gifts.

There is no special day required for this gift. This only stands for happiness. You can gift this fantastic art and make your loved ones feel special.

The pencil art is aa combination of various features:

  • There is a maximum of 9 characters for each pencil
  • It is possible to carve two names on one pencil on each side of the lead.

These are not ready-made gifts; they could be customized as per the choice and are handled with care and alertness.

Let’s Wrap Up

Most of the art form would require attention, but Russian artist Salavat Fidai took artistry to the next level by creating pencil lead art. It becomes too difficult to break the tip of the pencil even on pressing hard on the page. So, it can be imagined that the talented artist for creating this micro pencil art must have too patience, light, and steady-handed.

This would be an incredible gift for your loved ones as it would be an expression of love and affection.

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